Veronica Mars Kickstarter

The Veronica Mars Kickstarter is pretty amazing. It hit 1 million in just under 5 hours and hit it’s goal in just under 12. While that goes to show you that there is still a rabid fanbase behind the IP, who is really gaining from the project?

Initially you would say the fans. They get access to something they never would have gotten had it not been for the Kickstarter. However, I think it’s really the movie distributor that is looking to benefit the most from this project and while it seems like a great way to further a franchise that was dead I think it’s just going to cause the movie studios to reject more movies.

The way a movie normally gets made is someone pitches an idea or writes a script and they shop around to the studios to find one willing to take the risk on the movie. The movie gets picked up, the studio puts out the money, and the movie gets made. They then distribute it to theatres and try to recoup their losses in ticket sales and dvd and other merchandising sales.

Now the paradigm has changed: The studio isn’t backing the project, the fans are. So now instead of putting their necks out there they get the fans to pay for it, the movie gets made and then the studio/distributor tries to recoup their losses in ticket sales and dvds. Wait though, they have minimal if any losses because they didn’t pay for the project, they have guaranteed dvd sales because of the Kickstarter. The movie is even being advertised for free. Why wouldn’t they want that? It’s all profit for the studio at that point.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Veronica Mars and I’m glad it’s getting made. My only issue is that it’s setting a precedent. Any movie that the studios think is marginal they are going to offer a “distribution” deal if they get the money another way. Cue Kickstarter. There’s no reason for them not to do it.


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